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Our Mission

Community Bridges Inc (C.B.I) is a 501c(3)  nonprofit organization that arose in 2019 in response to an ongoing crisis involving housing discrimination, gentrification, displacement and human rights violations disporportionately affecting low-income and chronically homeless African American individuals and families with school-aged children.

Our organization prioritizes the need for enhanced eviction protections and equitable inclusion of lived-experience advisory committees in our local, state and federal plans to prevent and end homelessness in America. 

Social justice movements and the persistent work of numerous homelessness advocates have exposed how the U.S. civil and criminal justice system fails to address homelessness that disproportionately affects African Americans and people living with severe mental illness because of decades of public divestment in housing and supportive services; as well as, systemic and structural racism in housing access, education, wealth accumulation, and employment.


As we stand on the brink of implementing historical amounts of federal funding to combat homelessness in America through the American Rescue Plan and Build Back Better Plan, we must insist that the people most affected are included at the tables making the plans and are no longer ignored, excluded, silenced or denied the right to an adequate standard of living free of discriminatory terms and conditions; specifically chronically homeless African Americans living with mental illness.


C.B.I aims to help advocate for 'Housing As A Human Right' by insisting that the United States uphold its obligations to protect the human right to adequate housing, under international law and its specifically accepted recommendations on the right to housing and protection of homeless persons from the 2015 United Nations Universal Periodic Review of United States of America.


Our mission at C.B.I aligns with USICH, DOJ, and HUD's focus on addressing the criminalization of homelessness as a human rights issue.

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