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We are the #HousingUsToo Campaign.

We are connected by the understanding that the ISOLATION (black balling) and RETALIATORY FORCED EVICTIONS of tenants including social justice advocates, are counterproductive to our nation's goal to prevent and end homelessness, and cost more money than solving the problem by ensuring access to safe, sanitary and affordable housing.

We recognize that ignoring a tenant's valid and legal defense against unlawful detainer actions is NOT the solution to our nations housing crisis, and we have solutions.


#HousingUsToo was initiated by Community Bridges Inc, Faith Community Inc, and many other participating organizations, including groups that don't  commonly work together, such as: *Housing groups pushing for greater access and alternatives to affordable housing; *Homelessness groups pushing for homeless services and rights; *Civil Rights groups; *Disability Rights groups; *Organizations supporting children and youth; *Community Policing & Security Organizations; and more!


We want an end to housing injustice and homelessness for ALL, including our housing justice advocates. On our path to that goal, we recognize that the retaliation for filing housing discrimination complaints and for organizing tenant unions and peaceful protest against slumlords and/or underperforming public housing authorities must stop immediately. All persons experiencing housing injustice, housing instability or homelessness should have the right to due process when expressing their grievances while simultaneously having access to safe, sanitary and affordable housing; as well as, education, healthcare, employment, income, and other opportunities and services that allow us all to live with dignity.

Our Calls To Action

WE CALL FOR OUR LOCAL GOVERNMENTS TO: *Rescind or stop enforcement of all unlawful detainer actions that are filed after verified complaints of habitability violations or discrimination are reported *Ensure that disability rights including the right to request reasonable accommodations are not violated or ignored resulting in preventable evictions of disabled tenants. *Adopt constructive alternatives such as tenant union mediators and case management eviction intervention. *Protect people experiencing homlessness from discrimination, harassment and violence. *Ensure housing for ALL homeless AND at risk people.

WE CALL FOR STATE GOVERNMENTS TO: *Adopt laws that protect people at risk of or experiencing homelessness from being punished for life-sustaining activities or other discrimination; *Implement policies to Include people with lived-experience of homelessness in the HUD Continuum of Care discussions about ways to prevent people from becoming homeless in the first place, including appropriate anti-discrimination, racial inclusion & diversity and due process protections; and *Ensure housing for ALL homeless AND at risk people.

WE CALL FOR THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO: *Implement policies to prevent targeting and retaliation against housing and social justice advocates who exercise their right to organize and file complaints in response to housing injustice, including appropriate anti-discrimination and due process protections; *Disincentivize the Eviction To Poverty & Prison Pipeline through its funding, regulatory, legal and enforcement powers; and *Ensure housing for ALL homeless AND at risk people.

WE CALL FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC TO: *Stand up for the dignity and rights of people experiencing housing discrimination and/or homelessness; *Demand the end to ALL policies and practices that incentivize the Eviction To Poverty & Prison Pipeline; and *Support housing for ALL homeless AND at risk people.


Whether you're an experienced advocate, a person with past or current lived experience of homelessness, a concerned neighbor, a small business owner, a government official, or anyone in between, you can make a difference to this campaign.

Endorse the campaign, encourage local leaders to implement our proposed policy solutions, talk to people in your community about the issues and the campaign, and donate financially to support this work.

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